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Find a different way to enjoy your holiday in Bali . Ubad Ubud Bali located in Tengkulak Kaja , Kemenuh Village. Now open for everybody who want to make an unforgettable holiday In Bali. In this activities you will greeted by an authentic Balinese heritage and all is set in Balinese compound. We open for 2 session those are morning class that start 8.30 am until 1.00 pm and afternoon class that start from 4.00 pm until 8.00 pm.

What activities that you’ll do :

  • Visiting Ginyar Traditional Market , to see market activities in the early morning.
  • Visiting rice paddy field and the host will explain to you about what system we usually used there. And the green view will relax you before starting the cooking session.
  • Once you arrived at home , you will be welcomed by Ubad ubud family that will make you feel like home , and welcomed by Balinese atmosphere with a beautiful green view in every single side of our house
  • Herb and medicine explanation by our host
  • Cooking time , at this session we will cook for 1 basic sauce and 7 delicious recipes and all is yours
  • That’s not the end of this tour , after cooking done and while you wait for the food served by us , you will learn how to do Fruit and Vegetable carving with our hands on experience.
  • Enjoy this half day cooking class with our great time and the host is fluently speak English , friendly and with her pleasure will give you much more information about our culture life , traditional life and of course our delicious traditional recipe.

For the Afternoon class is excluded traditional market tour.

Ubad Ubud Bali Cooking Class









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